Our mission

Our mission is simple: We love recruitment, and we want to make it easier and better by connecting specialist, independent recruiters, recruitment agencies.

So we built Instalent the Collaborative Hiring Platform. Our members are independent and have their own connections and talent pools. We have a community that shares roles, candidates and also knowledge and experience with each other. A community based on trust and collaboration. 

Working with Instalent our clients can

  • Set their recruitment fee and submit their roles in minutes
  • Pay only when they hire
  • Fill open roles 3x faster
  • Have multiple recruiters and agencies working on their vacancy while communicating with only one single Client Manager
  • Fill any job brief, whether they are looking to hire developers, sales staff, multilingual talent etc. We have specialists for almost every industry.
  • Hire from different countries and regions. We have members in 32 countries and 3 continents.

Our people

Our in-house team is tiny, but we are strong! We are a small group of hard working people, whose average age is shamefully low. When we are not working in our beautiful office in Budapest, we like to go dancing, climb some walls or play squash (no, not the pumpkin). We value family and taking the time to better ourselves.